Friday, May 19, 2006

OK. We're Live. Lamont is being nominated right now. The stats will start running when the voting begins.


Blogger Maura in VA said...

What's goin' on? How many people are cheering for Ned? HOw many people are on the convention floor? Are a lot of people wearing Ned's stickers?

6:58 PM  
Anonymous mui said...

I am here to cheerlead for Ned Lamont. Go Ned!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Neal said...

Based on the cheering it seems like Ned has a really good crowd. But there certainly are a lot of turds walking around wearing "Stick with Joe" buttons.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Swordsmith said...

Some of the Lieberman buttons may be from a different kind of pressure. One of my students has been an activist for a number of Democratic campaigns in various states. He's no fan of Lieberman, but he's been offered a few plum tickets to political events - if he agreed to hand out Lieberman literature.

Liberman's audience is paid for - whether because they're actually being bribed or because they're afraid of the consequences of a vote against him.

Lamont's delegates are there voluntarily - a key difference.

And I've heard what some of the elected folks who are being forced to publicly support Lieberman are saying behind closed doors.

7:08 PM  
Blogger tparty said...

Check out LamontBlog for all the liveblogging action.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Tom DC/VA said...

Anyone volunteering for the Lamont campaign full-time? I've got time to kill this summer and I'm thinking about going up to CT. Can the Lamont campaign use the help?

7:12 PM  
Anonymous CTPatriot said...

Hi Tom...

I'm doing a little volunteering for the Lamont campaign and I would guess they'd be happy to have your help. You can sign up on the Lamont website:

Or e-mail the volunteer coordinator at:



7:27 PM  

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