Friday, May 19, 2006

(Cross-Posted from La Resistance)

Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan (D) steps in to prevent the antiwar protestors from being arrested. Thanks to DeanFan84 for that heads up, plus we got an important person (whose name I cannot remember) on film discussing how Democrats are the party of the protestors, the party of dissent, and that anyone who would have them arrested ought to question which party they're a part of.

DSCF1352 From left to right--Beau Anderson (me), Tim Tagaris, and Matt Stoller

The anti-war protestors, here to denounce Joe Lieberman.DSCF1357

I saw Senator Lieberman again, and began to follow him around with my video camera while Matt Stoller waited patiently to ask him a question. Funnily enough, every time I got a good shot of my Senator, some woman in red with an earpiece managed to stand directly in front of my camera. It's odd, almost as if I was predicting where she would be, and pointing my camcorder there. Hmm....


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